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The Venerable Order of the Freudelheim
The Venerable Order of the Freudelheim - Saturday 17th December 2011
Welcome to The Venerable Order of the Freudelheim. A fine upstanding organisation committed to - well, music, basically. As a member of said venerable order you may freely display our crest (as shown below) and share our secret handshake ... once we think of one. Apart from that and some pretty funky merchandise (everyone is clamouring over the Albino Teddy Bear) there are absolutely no benefits of joining ... but membership is free and we're not picky about who joins so no need for any rejection fears or anything like that! As a potential future member, you are probably wondering exactly who (or indeed what) is a Freudelheim? Well, basically it's just me ... with a little help from my friends (you). The name is ...
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