A revealing self penned treatise on The Venerable Order of the Freudelheim

Choral Sweet:

Second Breath:


The Venerable Order of the:
To create and share music and lyrics with a fair bit of background info and ramblings about song writing, musicianship, passion, inspiration, process and technology.

I hope you enjoy what you see, hear and read and come back again soon! Oh, and comments are open on my blog and I'd love to hear from you.


In the pipeline:
Julia - My most recent composition was recorded in October and November, has been mixed and is pretty much ready for release. All we need now is a video to go with it.

Choral Sweet - Already released but video coming soon as my tribute for the February 22nd 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

Francis - I'm currently re-recording Francis with more electric guitar and less easy listening piano! Still laying down the basic tracks on this one ... I'll be sure to let you know when this is closer to completion.

Pippy Pip - is a track on the next Black Seeds album where fans have recorded and contributed backing vocals after being persuaded via social media to do so. I myself have given it a go - their instructions have been followed, the deadline has been reached ... I wonder how well it will all come together.

Alvin McLay - coming soon ...







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